MPSC Mains Examination, Mechanical & Automobile Engineering AMVI (RTO) Previous Years Objective Questions with Solutions, Subject wise & Chapter Wise


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Many competitive exam aspirants experience tremendous preparation a few weeks before the real examination as they are not sure about the type of questions expected in the exam. It is very difficult to guess the possible questions in the competitive exam but there are ways to overcome this difficult situation. One such excellent option is solving the previous year’s question papers as a part of the preparation strategy. Solving previous years’ questions always gives a positive mindset before going to the real examination. This option may look simple and easy yet many aspirants do not include the practice of previous years’  questions in their preparation.

The primary benefits of preparing with previous years’ questions are the ability to understand the level of questions and prepare, gauge the importance of each individual subject by the number of questions appeared in previous years examination papers and further to identify key sub-areas within a subject by evaluating the number of questions appeared. These benefits are well known to the aspirants but the primary reason for not including previous year’s question papers in the preparation strategy is non-availability of quality and trustable resource which can provide not only the exact questions but also quality solutions to these questions.

We at ACE Engineering Academy identified this gap in the competitive exam preparation strategy of the aspirants and came up with a series of books on previous questions and solutions for various competitive exams such as GATE, ESE, PSUs, and other government recruitment examinations. The latest offering is in this series is MPSC (AMVI) Main Examination questions and solutions book. This book is prepared by exclusive MPSC subject matter experts so that the solutions are optimized to the MPSC level. The unique feature in this book is that the previous years’ examination questions are categorized as subject wise, chapter wise so that the aspirant can integrate these questions along in their regular preparation.

A total of 1050 questions were included in this book which covers the last 7 years Paper – II of MPSC main examinations and questions from other state level examinations. Complete care is taken in the preparation of solutions to the theoretical and numerical questions so that the theory behind the application is clear to the aspirants.

We at ACE are sure that this book will be of tremendous help to the aspirants of MPSC (AMVI)examination. Any suggestions or inputs which will add value are welcomed.

Thanks to all Professors who extended their services in the preparation of this booklet. It is believed that this valuable aid to the students appearing for state and central commissions and  other PSU’s


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